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What is NBC LEARN?

NBC LEARN is a collection of video resources, primary sources, images, and text resources designed for use in K-12 and higher education. Through the archives, faculty have access to thousands of video clips, including news footage of historic events, critical analysis, current events and mini-documentaries covering topics from early American history to the present day.

In addition, the archives bring together a collection of articles, primary source documents, photos and images, charts and graphs, and political cartoons from partners such as The Washington Post, The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and other content providers.

An overview of the NBC Video Collection:

  • 28 Higher Ed Collections
  • 10,000 unique pieces of content across 23 collections in K-12
  • NBC News Archives Spanning 90 Years starting in the 1920s
  • Universal Newsreels / NBC Radio Predates News Archives
  • All Collections Regularly Updated with Current Events
  • Original Three Courses: U.S. History, English, U.S. Government & Politics
  • Niche Collections: African American Studies, American Indian Heritage, Women's Studies, Hispanic Heritage
  • Teacher Consultants Helped Create the Collection Outlines
  • Collections Follow Scope and Sequence of Textbooks
  • State Standards Correlated by EdGate
  • Original content collections such as "Science of the Olympics"

Benefits of NBC LEARN:

  • Easy access to historic video footage to reinforce concepts.
  • Include the latest video news events into your course to bring the world to your classroom.
  • Bring real-world examples into your teaching and curriculum.

Preview it now:

You can preview NBC Learn content by following the links from the Tools module after logging into Bb Learn.

NBC Learn tools

Embedding NBC LEARN content into Blackboard:

  1. Navigate to your Bb Learn course.
  2. Under the Control Panel, Select Customization/Tool Availability and add the NBC Learn tools if necessary.
  3. Select the Content link from your course menu.
  4. Select Build Content and choose NBC Content from the menu.
  5. You will be redirected to the NBC News Archives on Demand webpage.
  6. Browse through the archives to find an appropriate video.
  7. Click on the video and it will start playing.
  8. Click the Embed button to embed the video into the course content area within Blackboard.
  9. You will be redirected to the Blackboard course with the video now embedded into the course.
  10. While viewing, you can turn on Close Captioning from the CC button and/or access a transcript of the video using the Transcript tab.