Department of Psychology

Heidi A. Wayment, Ph.D., Professor and Department Chair

I am a social psychologist (Ph.D., UCLA, 1992), with expertise in health psychology and statistics and measurement. My research interests over the years have included self-evaluation, coping with loss and bereavement, identity and health, and predictors of precautionary and risky sexual behavior. My current research focuses on the relationship between self-identity issues and reactions to negative life events and less fortunate others. I am also interested in what I call "quiet ego" processes, or the intraindividual factors that allow individuals to have less defensive reactions to negative events and less fortunate others. In October 2005, my colleague Jack Bauer (University of Dayton) and I hosted The Quiet Ego Conference at NAU. This conference brought leading scholars from the U.S. and Canada who presented empirical research on the limitations of egoistic self-interest and the varieties and benefits of transcending it. I am also the Coordinator of our Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate Program in Substance Abuse Education and Prevention. This project was developed in conjuction with my work as a Project Mainstream Fellow.

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