Jani Ingram, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry

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University of Arizona
• Degree: Ph.D., Chemistry (1990)
• Specialization: Interfacial chemistry and surface analysis
• Advisor: Jeanne E. Pemberton
• Thesis: "Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering and Electron Spectroscopic of Copper and Silver Surfaces."

New Mexico State University
• Degree: B.S., Chemistry; Minor: Math (1985)

Yavapai College
• Degree: A.A., general transfer major (1982)

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Research Interests:

Interfacial chemistry and surface analysis of environmental systems; secondary ion mass spectrometry; surface vibrational spectroscopies (Raman and FTIR); electronspectroscopies; geological microbiological interfacial chemistries, contaminant-metal speciation on mineral surfaces.

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Northern Arizona University
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Box 5698
Flagstaff, AZ  86011-5698
Last Updated:  25 August 2003

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