ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to attend class. A daily record of attendance will be maintained. Each unexcused absence will be deducted from one's accumulated points at the rate of 3.4% or 1/29th for three-hour TTh classes. Following is an excerpt from university policy stated on p. 62 of the Undergraduate Catalog 1995-97.

You are responsible for regularly attending all classes for which you are registered.

Should an absence from class be unavoidable, you are responsible for reporting the reason to your instructors. (Be aware that Fronske Health Center does not provide documentation of your health problems.) In addition, you are responsible for making up any work you miss. Your instructors are under no obligation to make special arrangements for you if you are absent.

Students will not be allowed to make up tests and assignments missed because of unapproved absence. Unless students are otherwise instructed, work will be completed in advance of officially approved absences. A request for an approved absence must be supported by institutional or other credible documentation. Unforeseen absences involving health or family emergencies are considered individually.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Following is an excerpt from university policy stated on p. 66 of the Undergraduate Catalog 1995-97.

NAU regards acts of academic dishonesty-including but not limited to plagiarism, forging an instructor's signature, stealing tests, copying themes or tests from other students, or using "crib notes"-as very serious offenses.

If you are charged with academic dishonesty, you are subject to the Arizona Board of Regents' Code of Conduct and procedures established by NAU that are outlined in the Student Handbook.

Academic dishonesty (cheating) is representation of someone else's work as one's own or making false statements or reports. Dishonesty is unacceptable and will result in loss of points or formal proceedings leading to dismissal from the class, the program or the university.

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