IMD2 corrections

Chapter 1

p. 14, example 14, m.2, should be A flat, not A natural.

Chapter 2

p. 20, First paragraph, last line, third word should be "accidentals," 
       not "accidents."
p. 33, Solution 8, add "vi=i" to the list of good choices.
p. 37, Solution and Problem 20, change the last chord in the problem to match 
       the solution.  There is another good solution beside the one in the book.
       The alto can also move up to A flat, producing a chord with no omissions.   
p.41,  the first note in Herzlieber Jesu should have an upward stem.

Chapter 3

p. 55-60, Simplify the instruction to "Precede each chord by its [whatever     
       chord type is specified in the frame]."  Delete the rest of the first 
       sentence starting at "or".
p. 60, Solution 15, m.4, delete the G sharp sign (it is redundant).
p. 61-63, "bass" is incorrectly spelled "base" eight times in a row.  

Chapter 4

p. 72-73, add the key identification of "a:" to examples 2-6.
p. 73, The first sentence in the Motives section should read, "The
       motives in Example 7 (marked with brackets), are recurrences
       of a two-note idea."
p. 74, Example 7, the first chord of m4 is "V65" not "V7." In m.5,  the note C in
       beat 2 is a cambiata. In m.6, the note F in beat 1 is a suspension 
p. 75-77, add the key identification of "C:" to examples 10, 11, 12, 14, 
       15, 17 and 18.
p. 76, Example 15, m. 2, move alto F down to D, m. 4, rotate the voices by
       transposing the tenor up one octave.  The new tenor note is F, alto is
       A flat and soprano is D flat.  This omits the parallel fifths.       
p. 80, Solution 2, the second row of numbers should start with "#7" not "b7."
p. 85, Solution and Problem 21, the fourth chord should be a "iio7" not "iių7."
       Solution and Problem 22, the fourth bass note should be doubled with
       the tenor (side-by-side).  The  fourth soprano note should be D flat in
       both frames.
p. 86, Solution 24, the second alto note should be B flat.  A natural sign should 
       preceed the note A in the third.

       A new voice leading solution for Problem/Solution 24. 
       p. 87, Solution 28, Alternate solution: the tenor and bass can double 
       the B flat in the third chord.
p. 89, Problem 35, the natural sign should be omitted in the sixth chord.  An
       advisory sharp sign should preceed the C in the ninth chord.  
p. 90, Solution 35, make the same corrections.  The ninth chord should be labeled
       a V42/viio.
p. 91, Problem 39,  all the bass stems should be down.
p. 93, Problem 42 should read "piano score" not "vocal score."                
p. 97, m.16, fourth beat, piano part, the first half of beat should look like 
       the second half.

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