Mid-Term Exam: Music 603, Summer 2004, Due July 23


1. Attach an event list of B122, Fugue in F major by J. K. Fischer. Burkhart suggests that there may be more to this fugue than first meets the eye. Add a short commentary below the event list that addresses Burkhart's statement.

2. Attach a detailed diagram and events list for B263, Beethoven, Sonata No. 8 (Pathetique), Op. 13, III. Add a commentary that describes the embedded forms in this movement. Give special attention to important form defining closures and linking passages (i.e., closing sections, transitions, retransitions, faux retransition).

Please hand in machine produced work. Include details about thematic content and constituent segment organization. Make appropriate use of terminology related to texture, motives and subjects -- and phrase, binary and ternary forms. Use musical examples to improve the clarity of your comments.

Draft event List and sound file for p. 263