Collaborative Learning in Online Classes

Summary: Working together on assignments is better training for the future workplace than the independent assignments we typically give in class. Done well, it allows students to play to their strengths and learn how to work as a member of a team. Why then, do our best students often hate group assignments? In an online class, it is difficult to prevent collaboration from happening so why not embrace it instead of fighting it? Find out how to infuse your online class with collaborative approaches without sacrificing individual accountability. In this workshop, we will explore some synchronous collaborative tools such as text chat, video conferencing, wikis, and Google Docs. We will also briefly explore the Groups tool within Bb Vista.

Assessment strategies: how do you make group work accountable?

Why fight it? Accept what can't be changed and design your course accordingly.

Tools that foster collaboration without requiring in-person meetings.

Bb Vista provides some tools for assigning groups and grading group work.