MAT 516 Linear Algebra

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Class notes

Midterm test 1 on Wednesday 10/17

The test covers Chapters 1-5

Midterm test 2 on Wednesday 11/28

The test covers Chapters 6-7
Recomended text: Linear Algebra by Friedberg, Insel and Spence.
A possibly useful online text: Linear Algebra Done Wrong
You can find many others starting at the wikipedia page
The Linear Algebra Toolkit is very useful for matrix calculations.
Homework to turn in:
I encourage you to type your homework solutions. You may find the free program LyX useful for writing mathematics. LyX is available in our computer labs. Please use this homework lyx template file ( tex version ) ( pdf version ).

Please read the following:
- Random suggestions about writing.
- Thoughts about solving equations.
- Wisdom about writing mathematics.