New Production Facilities and Equipment


Since the beginning of the school year I have been working to build the new video and audio production facilities for the Media and Entertainment Management Program.  These new facilities include 5 video editing rooms, two audio editing rooms, ENG/EFP equipment, and an Internet radio station.

Video Editing Systems

Last year when we were evaluating video editing systems we decided to purchase the Sony DVStation centralized storage network system.  The system includes four on-line finishing workstations, three off-line browser/triming editors, and a central server.  Each of the components are connected using a gigabit Lan system.  The server is equiped with 1.6 terrabytes of storage for video and   audio.  The finishing workstations use the Pinnacle Liquid Edition 5.5 non-linear editing software.



This is a picture of one of the video editing rooms.


This is the editor training room.  Monitors mounted above allow students to sit behind the instructor and see exactly what the instructor is doing.  When this room is not being used to train students it is a regular editing room for student use.


Video Work Room


The video workroom contains the off-line browser/trimming editing systems for the DVStation.  It also contains the Macintosh computer running Final Cut Pro and the video rack for transferring between video formats.


Audio Editing Suites


The audio editing suites are also linked into the video editing network.  Students can prepare voiceovers and other audio in one of the audio suites and then immediately open it on the workstations in the video editing suites.


Internet Radio Station


The radio station will begin broadcasting sometime in early March.  Students have already begun working for the station.  They are currently working to get everything in place for the start of the station.  The address for the radiostation is 


Portable Equipment

This photo shows some examples of the portable broadcast equipment we purchased for student use.