Tad Theimer and the Theimer Lab Group

Bruce Hungate and Tad Theimer as Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln February 2009

in "Abraham and Charles" a play celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of these two iconic figures.


BIO478 Wildlife Management

BIO528 Mammalogy

BIO223 Vertebrate Biology

BIO527 Ornithology

BIO300 Vertebrate Museum Techniques


I study behavior and ecology of vertebrates, mainly birds and mammals, though reptiles and amphibians sneak in occasionally. Currently my students and I are involved in several collaborative projects, including studies of southwestern willow flycatchers (in collaboration with USGS and SWCA), yellow-billed cuckoos (in collaboration with USGS), and elk and antelope interactions with highways (in collaboration with AZGFD), among others.

Selected Publications

Theimer, T. C. and C. A. Gehring. 2008. Variation in tree seedling and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal spore responses to the exclusion of terrestrial vertebrates: implications for how vertebrates structure tropical communities In W Carson and S. Schnitzer, eds. Tropical Forest Community Ecology. Blackwell Publ pp 294-307

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Theimer, T.C. 1987. The effect of seed dispersion on the foraging success of dominant and subordinate Dark-eyed Juncos. ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR. 35:1883-1890.

Co-authored with Graduate Students

Weissinger, M. L., T. C. Theimer, D. L. Bergman and T. J. Deliberto. 2009. Nightly and seasonal movements, seasonal home range and focal location photo-monitoring of urban striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis): implications for rabies transmission. J WILDLIFE DISEASES 45: 388-397  PDF

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Durst, S. L., T. C. Theimer, E. H. Paxton, and M. K. Sogge. 2008. Temporal variation in the arthropod community of desert riparian habitats with varying amounts of saltcedar (Tamarix ramosissima.) J. ARID ENVIRONMENTS 72:1644-1653.  PDF

Gagnon, J. W., T.C. Theimer, N. L. Dodd, and R. E. Schweinsberg. (2007) Effects of traffic volume on elk distribution and highway crossings in Arizona. J. WILDL. MANAGE. 71:2318-2323  PDF

Gagnon, J. W., T.C. Theimer, N. L. Dodd, A. L. Manzo and R. E. Schweinsberg. (2007) Effects of traffic volume on elk use of wildlife underpasses in Arizona. J. WILDL. MANAGE.71:2324-2328.  PDF

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Co-authored with Undergraduate Students

Martin, S. L., Theimer, T. C. and P. Z. Fuleí. 2006. Ponderosa pine restoration and turkey roost site use in northern Arizona. WILDLIFE SOCIETY BULLETIN  PDF

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Davis, J. R. and T. C. Theimer. 2003. Increased lesser earless lizard abundance on Gunnisonís prairie dog colonies and short term response to artificial prairie dog burrows. AMERICAN MIDLAND NATURALIST: 150:282-290.  PDF