"About Me" Section

Born in Rochester, NY, 1954. Attended Junior High and High School in Rolla, MO '67-'72. My primary influences there were Don Priest (math and physics) and Eva Penico (German). Moved to Europe in '72 and attended the University of Vienna, Austria for seven years. After getting my Ph.D., worked in Germany for a year at the Ruhr Univeristy in Bochum in the Dept. of Astronomy. Returned to the U.S. in 1980, and worked at Lowell Observatory for 13.5 years. Did astronomical research, digital image processing, instrument computer control and such. Got married in '93, daughter -- Krisztina -- born in '93. Quit in late '93 and moved to Tucson -- worked at the Planetary Science Institute for 6 months; mainly did computer system administration, and some research. Decided the future in government-funded research was pretty grim, so went into full-time computer work. Started at NAU in July '94 as a Support Systems Analyst, and am primarily responsible for UNIX systems administration, plus along with my boss, John Campbell, was the primary person involved in putting together the "dana" system. Have been the Team Lead for Academic unix for a number of years now, and our group mainly deals with central server administration of services such as Email, Web, file sharing, backups, and customized routines (mostly written in C, C++ or perl). Son -- Aaron -- born in Feb. '97. Marital dissolution granted in 2004. Remarried in May 2004.

Hobbies include snow skiing (downhill and cross-country; member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America -- taught at the Snowbowl one season part-time), camping, old automobiles, motorcycles, reading, music (see special section), languages (German, some Spanish and French), computers, and martial arts.