Chemistry 151 Schedule Sections 1 and 2 Fall 2016

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This is the schedule for the class this semester. It will be updated regularly, so please check back often. The schedule will contain planned topics to be covered each week in class, dates of all tests, links to pre-lectures and other sites that may be useful to you, and other important information regarding the class.
Textbook: General Chemistry Vining, Young, Day and Botch, Cengage Learning, 2016  Click on this link to purchase a paper copy of the textbook

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SI Leaders: Section 1 (8:00 a.m. class): Amber Mills

Section 2 (10:20 a.m. class): Maria Bolar

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Recitation: Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:00-3:50 p.m. in room 212

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Monday Class
Wednesday Class
Friday Class
Week 1


Read Chapter 1, Sections 1.1-1.2 (will not be covered in class)

Before today's class: Read Sections 1.1-4 and watch this video on Units, Measurements and Significant Figures. Also complete MindTap reading assignment for Section 1.3a

Lecture: Units and Measurements (Chapter 1, Sections 3 - 4)

Before today's class: Complete MindTap reading assignments 1.3b-c and 1.4a as well as the "1 Introduction and Quick Prep"

Lecture: Units and Measurements (Chapter 1, Sections 3 - 4)

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Week 2

No Class - Labor Day Holiday

Before today's class: Read Sections 2.1-2 and watch this video on Atoms. Also complete MindTap reading assignments 2.1a-b

Lecture: Atoms and The Periodic Table (Chapter 2, Sections 1-2)

Thursday is the last day to drop classes

Quiz 1 due on MindTap Friday night (11:55 pm)

Lecture: Covalent Compounds (Chapter 2, Section 3)

Week 3

Lecture:  Naming Ionic Compounds, (Chapter 2, Section 4)

Lecture:  Moles (Chapter 3, Section 1)

Quiz 2 due on MindTap Friday night (11:55 pm)

Lecture:  Percent Composition and Calculating Formulas of Compounds (Chapter 3, Section 2)

Week 4


Lecture:  Balancing Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry (Chapter 3, Section 3)

PhET Stoichiometry Simulation

Lecture:  Stoichiometry and Limiting Reactants (Chapter 3, Section 4)

Quiz 3 due on MindTap Friday night (11:55 pm)

Lecture:  Aqueous Solutions and Solubility (Chapter 4, Section 2)

Week 5

Lecture:  Reactions in Aqueous Solution (Chapter 4, Sections 1 and 3)

Review for Exam 1


Week 6

Lecture:  Concentration of Solutions (Chapter 4, Section 5)

Lecture:  Solution Stoichiometry and Titrations (Chapter 4, Section 5)

Quiz 4 due on MindTap Friday night (11:55 pm)

Lecture:  Introduction to Thermochemistry (Chapter 5, Sections 1-2)

Week 7

Lecture:  Heat Transfer, Temperature Changes and Phase Changes (Chapter 5, Section 3)

Lecture:  Enthalpy Changes and Chemical Reactions (Chapter 5, Section 4)

Quiz 5 due on MindTap Friday night (11:55 pm)

Lecture:  Hess's Law and Standard Heats of Reaction (Chapter 5, Sections 5-6)

Week 8

Lecture:  Waves, Electromagnetic Radiation and Photons (Chapter 6, Sections 1-2)

Lecture:  Atomic Spectra and the Bohr Model of the Atom (Chapter 6, Section 3)

Quiz 6 due on MindTap Friday night (11:55 pm)

Lecture:  Quantum Theory and Atomic Orbitals (Chapter 6, Sections 4-5)

Week 9

Lecture:  Electron Configurations (Chapter 7, Sections 1-3)

Lecture: Periodic Trends (Chapter 7, Sections 4-5, in-class lecture on Section 7.5)

Review for Exam 2


Week 10
Chemical Bonding and Lewis Structures (Chapter 8, Sections 1-2)

Lecture:  Properties of Bonds (Chapter 8, Section 3)

Quiz 7 due on MindTap Friday night (11:55 pm)

Lecture:  Electronegativity, Polar Bonds, Resonance, Formal Charge and Octet Rule Exceptions (Chapter 8, Section 4, in-class lecture on Section 8.2c)

Last day to withdraw from classes (drop with a "W")

Week 11

Lecture: VSEPR: Shapes of Molecules (Chapter 8, Section 5)

Lecture:  Polarity of Molecules (Chapter 8, Section 6) and
Valence Bond Theory (
Chapter 9, Sections 1-3)

Quiz 8 due on MindTap Friday night (11:55 pm)

No Class - Veterans' Day Holiday
Week 12

Lecture:  Valence Bond Theory (Chapter 9, Sections 1-3)

Lecture: Gases (Chapter 10, Sections 1-3)

Quiz 9 due on MindTap Friday night (11:55 pm)

Lecture:  Gas Mixtures (Chapter 10, Section 4)

Week 13
Lecture:  Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases (Chapter 10, Section 5)

Lecture:  Types and Relative Strengths of Intermolecular forces (Chapter 11, Sections 4-5)

No Class - Thanksgiving

Week 14

Lecture:  Properties of Liquids (Chapter 11, Sections 1-3)

Lecture:  Phase Diagrams (Chapter 12, Section 5)

Review for Exam 3


Week 15

Lecture:  Solutions: Concentration Units and Factors that Affect Solubility (Chapter 13, Sections 1-3)

Lecture: Colligative Properties (Chapter 13, Section 4)

Quiz 11 due on MindTap Sunday night (11:55 pm)

Lecture:  Solutions (Chapter 13)

Review for Final Exam

Finals Week

Final Exam:  Tuesday December 13th, 10:00 a.m. 12:00 noon. Location: TBA