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FOR 398

  FOR 398 : The Class : Oct. 5
Fire Ecology 


Class Meeting: October 5, 1999
First Nations Perspectives

This web page is a companion to the ITV lecture. As noted in the syllabus, I will present an ITV lecture on Tuesdays only, which will be webcast for those of you who are taking this course via computer. For every lecture course, there will be a web page that will give you additional information about the topics I will discuss in lecture. In addition, each lecture page will provide a space for you to type in any questions or comments you have about the lecture. When you hit the "Send your response" button, your questions will be sent to me via e-mail.

Web Resources for Today

After a Heavy Harvest and a Death, Navajo Forestry Realigns with Culture
Native Americans and the Environment
Adaptive Mismanagement Proposed for Nitassinan Forests
Native Americans and the Environment - Forestry

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