Alan A. Lew, Professor
Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona 86011-5016, USA

Publications and Presentations Available Online (updated 25 April 2010)

Pre-publication Versions of Refereed Journal Papers and Book Chapters

  1. Ng, Pin T. and Lew, Alan A. (2009) Quantile Regression Analysis of Visitor Spending: An example of mainland Chinese tourists in Hong Kong. NAU W.A. Franke College of Business Working Papers Series.

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  3. Xie, Philip Feifan and Lew, Alan A. (2008) Research Note - Podcasting and Tourism: An Exploratory Study of Types, Approaches and Content. Information Technology & Tourism 10: 173-180. (pre-publication version)

  4. Lew, Alan A. (2007) Invited Commentary: Tourism Planning and Traditional Urban Planning Theory: Planners as Agents of Social Change.. Leisure/Loisir: Journal of the Canadian Association of Leisure Studies 31(2):383-392. (pre-publication version)

  5. Lew, Alan A. and Wong, Alan (2005) Existential Tourism and the Homeland: The Overseas Chinese Experience. In Cartier, C. and Lew, A.A., eds., Seductions of Place: Geographical perspectives on globalization and touristed landscapes, pp. 286-300 (Chapter 18), Abingdon, UK: Routledge. (pre-publication version)

  6. Lew, Alan A. & Wong, Alan (2004) Sojourners, Gangxi and Clan Associations: Social Capital and Overseas Chinese Tourism to China. In D. Timothy and T. Coles, eds., Tourism, Diasporas and Space, pp. 202-214. London: Routledge. (pre-publication version)

  7. Lew, Alan A. and Chang, T.C. (1999) Where the World Meets: Regionalism and Globalization in Singapore’s Convention Industry. Journal of Convention and Exhibition Management 1(4):17-36.

  8. Lew, Alan A. (1991) Place Representation in Tourist Guidebooks: An Example from Singapore. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 12(2):124-137. (pre-publication version)

Powerpoint Presentations on

  1. Defining Place Authenticity: My Heritage Can Beat Up Your History
  2. Travel 2.0: The Emerging Virtual Travelscape
  3. Using Social Software to Create Interactive Online & Hybrid Courses

Other Online Publications

  1. Geography USA: A Free Online Textbook