GEOGRAPHY USA: A Virtual Textbook
by Alan A. Lew

Alan A. Lew, Ph.D., AICP
Department of Geography, Planning and Recreation
Northern Arizona Unversity

Access the public version of the textbook here.

Here as some unsolicited e-mail COMMENTS that I have received for the original GEOGRAPHY: USA virtual textbook, before it became part of the Coursewise Publications series:

I am currently taking a regional geography class at the University of Tennessee and I feel overwhelmed with the material. Your virtual text book does a great job in summarizing the important details and I will use it as a study aid for my exams. Thank you.

Hi! My name's ------; I'm a freshman at William and Mary in Virginia. I'm just writing to thank you; I'm doing a research paper on the Geography\History\Climate of Kentucky, and your on-line textbook of Geography USA has been an invaluable asset. I would have never thought that I'd have this much information at my fingertips!! It shocks me that only three thousand other people have found your page. You've helped me more than you could know; thanks again!

I have been using your wonderful textbook Geography USA: A virtual Textbook to help my 13 year old son prepare for the National Geographic Society sponsored geography bee. If has been very helpful. Do you have or are you aware of a similar textbook of WORLD geography which we could also either access through the Internet or purchase? Please e-mail me with the relevant information. Thank you for putting your textbook on the Net and thanks for your help.

Just a brief note congratulating you on your work. I came across your Virtual Textbook dealing with the geography of the United States while trolling for sites for my own resource page for Geography. Needless to say your Virtual textbook is going right onto that page as a stellar example of what is possible with the World Wide Web. Thanks from a grateful librarian.

Professor Lew - I just wanted to thank you for posting the map outlines on the net! I am not a student At Arizona, but I am a student at Des Moines Area Community College. The Base Map of the US is very similar to one that we are using in class, I am hoping to use it for a presentation! Thanks again!

When I queried Digital's AltaVista search engine for Corn Belt, Wheat Belt, and Dairy Belt yours was the only site that hit. I enjoyed reading your chapters, and I have a question concerning the course syllabus: Can I bring food and drink into the "Virtual" classroom?

Well done! I'm pleased to see someone taking this technology in a reasonable and logical direction. Most of what we are seeing on the web is in the form of glitzy (and not terribly informative) multimedia presentations. Your use of basic text is a refreshing alternative. I'm sure that, over time, others will return to this more traditional model in making use of this new delivery system. At minimum, yours is a valuable transitional step and I expect it to be more than that.

Thanks for a wonderful site. Your site has been very helpful in teaching and researching material for a school presentation. It is much appreciated I send you smiles and my gratitude from Quebec City (Canada)

I was doing a school project for my 9th grade class. I couldn't find "traditional economy" anywhere until I found your site. Thank you for your help.

Dear Dr. Lew: I've enjoyed browsing your "Geography U.S.A." virtual textbook: Thanks for the good work.

Dear Dr. Lew, I am very impressed by the web site. I teach and tutor in Geography. I have added it to my favorite places and will share it with other students and teachers!

Just wanted to send you a quick little thank you for putting this geography text on-line to be used for educational purposes. My son is 10 years old and in the 5th grade. He is currently studying geography and needed to find out the answer to the question "How does a region's geography affect the way people live?" I printed off chapter 1 of your book for him to read. If you have any suggestions for any of the other chapters that may help him answer this question, please E-Mail me back and let me know. Once again, thank you for sharing this with us.

What a pleasant surprise, and welcome relief, to find such a comprehensive and readable discussion of the Midwest. Full-time mom (former NYC attorney), with an 8th grade daughter who chose to write a report on the Midwest, I was sure we'd find the topic dry and uninteresting; in fact, there was little to be found in the encyclopedias, and much had to be culled from the info available on each state in our atlases. The WWW yielded your pages, and I found that a lot of my semi-formed ideas (i.e. about glacial contributions, social migrations, climate) were clearly set out, together with interesting info on more general subjects such as industry/location, market access, epochs in transportation, etc. Thanks for making this resource available.

Sir, Wonderful online textbook, Dr Lew. I am working on an online site in conjunction with The Florida High School and would like to reference your online text and would like to use it with our students. Are there plans for a World Geography Book??? (I know, I know...some people are NEVER satisfied, huh?) But seriously, it was a genuine pleasure to see this product of your efforts. As a teacher and web publisher myself, I wanted to send you my personal and heartfelt thank you for this resource.

Dear Dr. Lew: I am a third-culture kid in South Dakota, and I'm writing in response to your virtual textbook "Introduction to the Human Geography of the US". I chose to give an informative researched speech on cultural regions, immigration percentages, and so forth of the United States to my college speech class. After living with my family for 10 of their almost-11 years overseas on business, I have become very interested in ethnic diversity of the USA. I just wanted to thank you. Your site proved most helpful in my online search for information on this subject. I plan to add a link on my own homepage for others who may be interested. Please let me know if you update the statistical charts. Again, thank you.

Dear Dr. Lew, I accessed your site and found FANTASTIC maps of the US. Thank you for putting these on the web. My daughter is a spatial learner and having a difficult time learning her states and capitals...but your maps will make this much easier. Thanks from a grateful mom...

Dr. Lew, Thank you so much for the blank (unlabled) map of North America. I am starting my 5 yr old son on his first geography course, and this blank map will be very helpful. My wife and I are first-time homeschoolers, and appreciate your website for its contribution to our curriculum. Do you have (or know where I may obtain) blank maps of the other continents of the world? Thank you for your time.