Evolution of Lysipomia

This web site details the results of a phylogenetic study of Lysipomia,a genus of plants endemic to high elevations in the Andes. By reconstructing the evolutionary history of Lysipomia, this project provides a template with which to address fundamental biological questions such as the role of geographic isolation in species formation, the evolution of adaptations among lineages, and the origin and maintanence of reproductive isolating mechanisms. A species level phylogeny allows direct tests of modes of speciation and adaptive radiation in an extreme environment, and will help reconstruct the historical biogeography of these high elevation tropical communities.

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Special thanks to the South American botanists who made the extensive field work possible: Roberto Sanchez and Mariaeugenia Morelos (Colombia); Patricio Mena (Ecuador); Isidoro Sanchez, Manuel Gonzales, and Monica Arakaki (Peru). Funding from Northern Arizona University and the National Science Foundation (DEB 9527866) are gratefully acknowledged. Kathryn DeWitt and Deborah Northcutt provided technical support during development of this web site.