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BIO372 : Behavior : Hormones


To successfully complete this topic, you should complete the following tasks in the order shown. Due date for all assignments: 27-Jan-2010. The cutoff date is 30-Jan-2010 at 11:59 pm. Review questions and assignments sent by the cutoff date will be graded as late with 3 points off for every day past the due date. Review questions and assignments sent after the cutoff date will receive a grade of zero. Plan ahead to get your work done early if you have a trip scheduled.

READING: All papers (in the readings in Vista) in the section, "The Biological Basis of Behavior."

ON-LINE LESSON: Hormones Lesson

ASSIGNMENT 1: Review Questions(in BIO 372 in Vista)

EXERCISE 1: Skills(in BIO 372 in Vista)

EXERCISE 2: Steroids(in BIO 372 in Vista)

MORE INFO: Additional Information About These Topics

TEST 1: Test on Behavior (Test No. 1). in BIO 372 in Vista, available only between 12:01 AM on 29-Jan-2009 and 11:59 PM 1-Feb-2009.

Once you have completed each of the above tasks, proceed to Biological and Ecological Implications of Sex

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