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If this is your first time in the class, you should:
  1. Read this help page.
  2. Read Getting Started.
  3. Look at the overview of the course.
Then read the syllabus, the class page, view additional resources from Cline Library, or get technical help by using the information on this page.
New to the web?
Take the TIPS (Technology - Information and Proficiency Skills) course.

The NAU Academic Computing Help Desk is (928)523-9294 or for statewide students 1-888-520-7215. The Academic Computing Help Desk Web site is

The NAU Code of Conduct.

How this course is taught
For an overview of how this course is taught on the internet, read the Getting Started page.
Computer Hardware
To take advantage of the multi-media elements in this web site, it is recomended that you have at least the following:
This site may be viewed with either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. For best results, make sure Java and JavaScript are enabled in your browser preferences.

Follow the steps below to download the latest browser.

1 Click this link to download the latest free version of Netscape Navigator from Netscape.
Select a method for downloading at the bottom of the page. The download will begin.

or 2 Click this link to download the latest free version of Internet Explorer from Microsoft.
Select a platform and click the "next" button. Select a product and click "next." Select the language and click "next." Select a vendor and the download will begin.

The web pages for this course do not use any plug-ins. If you land on a site that requires a particular plug-in, you can get it then.
E-mail Professor Frederiksen at Professor Frederiksen

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