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BIO372 : Getting Started

Getting Started

If you have registered and this is your first time in the course, you should:
  1. Read this page.
  2. Read the help page, which includes access to technical help.
  3. Look at the overview of the course.
Then read the syllabus, the class page, the communication page, and view additional resources from Cline Library.

New students have an account on the student unix computer DANA. DANA gives NAU students, who agree to abide by proper ethical standards, access to the internet including electronic mail, the Cline library resources, and world wide web home pages (http:).

Accessing these sort of Internet services requires establishing an electronic identity (essentially an electronic mail address). Every student at NAU has a computer account on the DANA machine.

How the Course is Organized

BIO372, "Revolutionary Thought in Biology" is organized into a few main areas. Buttons for these main areas appear on every page throughout the course. These main areas are:

Required Readings
Listed below are the required book(s) for Revolutionary Thought in Biology:

Throughout the course, required readings are marked in the following manner:


You are also required to read all of the online lessons. These lessons are marked throughout the course in this manner:



Throughout BIO372 you will be asked to complete activities using the internet. You will either be directed to material on the web, or you will be asked to search the web for information on a particular topic.

Each set of review questions is marked with this icon

Each exercise is marked with this icon

Each web activity is marked with this icon

Additional, optional information is marked with this icon

Each test is marked with this icon


Communication with the instructor in BIO372 is conducted primarily by e-mail messages using Vista's email. You may also call the instructor on the phone number listed below. If there is no answer when you call, you may leave a voice message.

E-mail Professor Frederiksen at Professor Frederiksen

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