Computer Fraud and Electronic Communication Laws

"Yes, there are "good" hackers, just like the Good Witch in Oz... but in the real world, they develop and share tools 'n skills -- they don't burgle systems. Trespass and vandalism are still trespass and vandalism."
                                            -- Gail Thackeray
Arizona state laws are in the Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 13-2316 Computer fraud; classification
Title 13-3004 Definitions
Title 13-3005 Interception of wire, electronic and oral communications; installation of pen register or trap and trace device; classification; exceptions
Title 13-3006 Divulging communication service information; classification; exception
Title 13-3009 Duty to report to law enforcement officers; classification
Title 13-3012 Exemptions that cover the communication service provider
Title 13-702 Sentencing
Federal Laws are in the United States Code
Title 18 § 1030  Fraud and related activity in connection with computers
Title 18 § 2511 Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited