Long Lake March 22, 2002


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When we got on the water at 7:30 it was calm.  Water temperature was 43 F.  By late morning it was a very windy.  The four people fishing in Brian's boat were Brian, Debbie, Tim and myself.  We caught about 30 pike and 7 rainbow trout.

The first fish of the day was a 2lb 9oz pike caught by Debbie.  At first we thought she was the only one who was going to catch fish.  She caught quite a few before the rest of us started catching fish.  At about 10:30 you could catch a pike almost every time you put your line out.

Chris caught this 8lb 12oz northern at about 2:00 in the afternoon.

chris-pike-1.jpg (51346 bytes)


  After the initial strike I wasn't sure I had a fish because it wasn't moving.  I felt like I was pulling the boat to the fish.  Tim always said big pike feel like your pulling in a log.  He was right.

chris-pike-2.jpg (45965 bytes)

I caught this on a silver Krocodile spoon with a little bit of green on it.

chris-pike-3.jpg (41075 bytes)

I released this fish after taking the photos.