Resources for determining your latitude and longitude

Here are some ways to determine your latitude and longitude.

Use a GPS

This may seem obvious.  If you have a GPS or can borrow one, go to the location and use the GPS to determine the latitude and longitude.

Finding the location of a city in the United States

  1. Go to the USGS GNIS query page.
  2. Enter the city name in the feature name field
  3. Select the State or Territory
  4. Select 'populated place' as feature type.
  5. Click 'Send Query' button.

Note that the latitudes and longitudes returned by this are in the proper format to be pasted directory into my distance page.

Finding the location of a street address

Option 1 (Worldwide):

  1. Goto
  2. Enter your address in the Maps section and click GO
  3. The map displayed will show the lat/lon of the center of the map.  You can click to re-center as needed.

Option 2 (US only):

  1. Go to Microsoft's terra server
  2. Click on 'Advanced Find'
  3. Click on 'Address Search'
  4. Enter the address and click 'go'
  5. Click on the 'USGS arieal photograph' link
  6. Verify where on the photo the house or address is
  7. Click on the 'Image Info' link
  8. The page will have the latitude and longitude of the borders of each photo labeled.  Use these to estimate the latitude and longitude of that address.

Finding the location of a non-US city

Here are some sites that have the locations of major cities in the world.

Finding the street map of a given lat/lon.


Other sites or lists of locations

Here are some sites that have lists of locations or other resources.