Chris Michels' Web Cam Movie Project

 Live NAU Web camera image


I am currently building a time lapsed mpeg movie using images from NAU's Web Cam.  My goal is to create an mpeg movie that covers an entire year so that you can see seasonal changes.  I capture one frame every 5 minutes and started capturing frames on September 27, 2002.


Here are some some mpegs that I have created so far:

Small format of a single day at 3 seconds between frames - 2002-09-11.mpg

Small size of  what I have captured so far by month

File Size
fullsize-2002-10-daytime.mpg 11.2 MB
fullsize-2002-10.mpg 11.2 MB
fullsize-2002-11.mpg 10.2 MB
fullsize-2002-11-daytime.mpg 7.1 MB
fullsize-2002-12.mpg 9.6 MB
fullsize-2002-12-daytime.mpg 6.7 MB
fullsize-2003-01.mpg 10.7 MB
fullsize-2003-01-daytime.mpg 7.7 MB
fullsize-2003-02.mpg 9.8MB
fullsize-2003-02-daytime.mpg 6.9 MB
fullsize-2003-03.mpg 11.2 MB
fullsize-2003-03-daytime.mpg 6.9 MB
fullsize-2003-04.mpg 9.0 MB
fullsize-2003-04-daytime.mpg 6.9 MB
fullsize-2003-05.mpg 10.8 MB
fullsize-2003-05-daytime.mpg 8.6 MB
fullsize-2003-06.mpg 10.1 MB
fullsize-2003-06-daytime.mpg 8.1 MB
fullsize-year.mpg 24.4 MB

Large size of  what I have captured so far by month

File Size
hugesize-2002-10-daytime.mpg 36.2 MB
hugesize-2002-10.mpg 36.2 MB
hugesize-2002-11.mpg 32.6 MB
hugesize-2002-11-daytime.mpg 22.7 MB
hugesize-2002-12.mpg 30.1 MB
hugesize-2002-12-daytime.mpg 16.1 MB
hugesize-2003-01.mpg 33.9 MB
hugesize-2003-01-daytime.mpg 24.0 MB
hugesize-2003-02.mpg 32.2 MB
hugesize-2003-02-daytime.mpg 21.1 MB
hugesize-2003-03.mpg 36.4 MB
hugesize-2003-03-daytime.mpg 26.4 MB
hugesize-2003-04.mpg 29.2 MB
hugesize-2003-04-daytime.mpg 22.7 MB
hugesize-2003-05.mpg  35.2MB
hugesize-2003-05-daytime.mpg  28.3 MB
hugesize-2003-06.mpg  33.5 MB
hugesize-2003-06-daytime.mpg  26.9 MB
hugesize-year.mpg 78.6 MB

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