ACSM’s Guidelines For Exercise Testing And Prescription : Chapter 1


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ACSM’s Guidelines For Exercise Testing And Prescription : Chapter 1

Physical fitness no longer has to be thought of in terms of running 5 miles/day x 7 days/week or having a specific VO2max in order to say that you are physically fit.

Physical fitness is now being defined more in terms of exercise performed several days per week for 30 + minutes using large muscle groups doing rhythmic exercise.

If a person is overweight but can still enjoy recreational activities & modest exercise training, & they have no risk factors or symptomatologies of cardiovascular disease, they can still say that they are physically active and fit.

“The exercise leader should recognize that excessive frequency (> 5d/wk) and duration (> 45 min./session) of training offer the participant little additional gain in aerobic capacity, yet the incidence of orthopedic injury increases disproportionately.”

For some physical conditions like type 1 diabetes mellitus and for obesity, exercise for 60 + minutes per session and 5-7 days/week may be warranted.

What Is Appropriate Exercise ?

Activities that are equivalent to 3-6 METs (preferably 5-8 METs) will be beneficial in improving the quality of life for average Americans when performed on a regular basis.

So What Are Those Activities ?

Walking 5.0 MPH - 8 METs

Archery - 4 METs

Raquetball - 9 METs

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Benefits (con’t)

Benefits (con’t)

Benefits (con’t)

Risks Of Exercise Testing

Risk Of Morbidity Or Mortality Is Unknown When People Are Submaximally Tested

Risks Of Sudden Vigorous Exercise

Additionally, For Sedentary Folks…..

The incidence of exercise-induced cardiovascular events is extremely low but is linked tightly to five variables :

So, How Do I Minimize Risk Of Exercise-Induced Events ???

Vest the patient with knowledge about their ex. prescription

Minimize between-person competition

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