ACSMís Guidelines For Exercise Testing & Prescription


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ACSMís Guidelines For Exercise Testing & Prescription

Purposes Of Fitness Testing

Providing the data that is helpful in writing responsible and physiologically meaningful exercise prescriptions & which is matched with the patientís pathologies.

Collection of data over time which provides evidence of progress and training for the patient.

To provide motivation to the patient by establishing reasonable and attainable fitness goals.

Helps the exercise leader to evaluate intensity of the exercise program relative to the patientís risk profile.

Patient Pre-Test Instructions

Drink plenty of fluids 24-hours prior to coming for the test.

Avoid exercise on the day of the test.

Body Composition

For any method used to assess body composition, the patient should :

Some Field Tests That Are Commonly Used To Assess Fitness

Monitoring & Precautions

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Reasons To Stop An Exercise Test

Failure of HR to rise with increased workload

Other Tests

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