NAU PT Program - PT 630

Fall Semester, 2003

Glucometer and % Body Fat Lab

A. Blood Glucose Evaluation - Glucometry

  1. Clean the finger to be lanced with an alcohol pad.
  2. Load the lancet in the Monolet holder and pull back the cocking mechanism.
  3. Place the Monolet on the medial side of the finger of choice and release the spring loaded lancet.
  4. Squeeze the finger to produce a full drop of blood. Angle the finger down so that gravity will help the blood collect into a drop.
  5. Place the drop of blood onto the white open window of the chem strip.
  6. Allow the glucometer to determine your blood glucose - a process that takes about 45 seconds.
  7. Record your blood glucose on the board.

Blood Glucose Values

  1. Low Blood Glucose : 50 - 80 mg/dl
  2. Normal Blood Glucose : 80 - 129 mg/dl
  3. High Blood Glucose : 130 - 180 mg/dl
  4. Way Too High Blood Glucose : 200 - 300 mg/dl
  5. The Patient Needs Better Medical Management : 300 + mg/dl

B. % Body Fat Determination

Follow the instructions below to determine your % body fat with both the caliper method and the tape measure method.

Caliper Method :

1. Grasp firmly between your thumb and forefinger a skinfold thickness at the appropriate place. Remember to grasp the skinfolds with the Lines of Linn in mind. For the males, the skin folds will be "pinched" at : chest, abdomen and thigh. For the females, the skin folds will be "pinched" at : triceps, thigh, and iliac crest.

2. Repeat the measure at these sites three times allowing some time in between each measurement. Remember to continue holding the skinfolds between the thumb and forefinger as you caliper the fat. Each measurement reading in mm should be relatively close to the preceeding measurement - at least within 1-2 mm.

3. Sum the three readings and take a ruler or a straight edge and match the summation of the skinfolds in millimeters against the age in years. Read the %BF for males and females on the scale in between the years scale and the summation of skinfolds scale.

Tape Measure Method :

1. For Females, place the tape measure at the widest point of the hips. Be sure to insure that the tape measure is level completely around the hips.

2. For the males, place the tape measure at the level of the umbilicus and measure the circumference insuring the tape is at a level position completely around the abdomen.

To determine the %BF for males and females, do the following:

1. For females : place a ruler at the appropriate hip measure reading in inches and then find the height in inches reading on the height scale. The %BF will then be read on the middle scale.

2. For males : place a ruler at the appropriate body weight reading in pounds and then find the waist circumference in inches reading. The %BF will be read on the middle scale.

Questions :

  1. Compare the two readings - the tape measure and the fat caliper readings - do they appear to closely estimate your %BF ?
  2. Which of the two methods appears to be the most accurate reading ?
  3. What are the benefits and the drawbacks of each of these methods in your own mind ?
  4. Explain why all people cannot be fat calipered ?