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Instructions : Please take the case study that is presented and write an exercise prescription for this patient. Please include information on a weight loss program, and design a weight lifting program to aid in the acquisition of lean body mass. This assignment is worth 100 points.

I. The Patient's Case Study Information:

Patient Information

II. Assignment :

This patient's physician's prescription states the following :

"Please write a comprehensive exercise program for Mr. Heitner. I have sent along his medical history and the data from some recent tests that I have had him undergo. I would like to see him loose a substantive amount of weight and have his physical work capacity significantly improve. Please evaluate him and then keep me informed over the next 6 months of his progress. Thank you very much, Dr. Tim Wadell."

Your assignment is to write a comprehensive fitness program for this patient which includes the following information :

  1. Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular and Integumentary Screening (20 points) : You must select the screening tests that you will use and explain why you feel they are important. Then present the data that you felt these tests would reveal about this patient knowing that the results of your screening will impact the rest of the fitness program.
  2. Exercise (20 points) : An exercise prescription that lasts for 6 months that includes the following :
  3. Weight Reduction (20 points): A weight loss program that presumes a safe weight loss of no more than 2 lbs per week. Knowing that a pound of fat has 3,500 kcals, what level of dietary manipulation added to the caloric utilization from exercise would contribute to an annualized weight loss. Please describe a reasonable 6 month weight-loss program and project a reasonable end-target weight goal for this patient. Suggest strategies to encourage and check-up on your patient to assist them in this endeavor.

    If you wish to include BMI as part of your discussion, then BMI is simply your body mass in Kilograms divided by your height in meters squared. If the Internet site is still functioning go to a BMI Calculator by Clicking Here

  4. Weight Training Program (10 points): Please describe the weight training program you would employ to help your patient increase their lean body mass, their overall total body strength and ROM. Please include in your description the name of the exercise, the repetitions, the % of 1 RM that each exercise would involve, and any strategy that you might have in the progression of the sets within a training bout. Please explain a reasonable rate of progression that you might utilize over a four-month program beginning with the idea that your patient is a novice weight lifter.

  5. Stratagies and Other Less Traditional Methods (10 points): What other strategies for developing fitness would you include - please describe and justify your reasons for choosing these strategies. Would this include Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Hypnosis, Behavior Modification Techniques, Kendo, Mind-Body Imaging Techniques, Allopathic Pharmaceutical Agents, Vitamin, Mineral and Food Supplementation, Massage Therapy, etc. ?
  6. Outcome Measures (20 points): How will you determine how successful you as well as the patient have been in meeting the targeted changes for this patient ? Please be specific about how you will document your outcomes.

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