Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation


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Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation

Objectives of Phase I

I. Patient & Family Education

Behavior modification

Involve the children

II. Prevent Deleterious Effects Of Bedrest

III. Provide A Safe Discharge To Home

Phase I is meant to be preventative

Phase I is also diagnostic

In order for a patient to enter Phase I Cardiac Rehab, they must be medically stable.

Who Should Be Enrolled In Phase I Cardiac Rehab ?

Who Should Not Do Phase I ?

Patients with acute pericarditis

Goals Of The Evaluation

Clear the patient of any pulmonary problems -

Return the patient home & prepared to go back to work - no home-bound invalids.

Increase the patient’s physical work capacity

Give helpful information back to the cardiac rehab team : the MD, nurse, exercise physiologist, psychologist, & dietician

The Evaluation

Medical Chart Review

What do the cardiac enzymes say about the MI ?

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Look at lipid panels - HDL, TGs, LDL, VLDL, Cholesterol

Catheterization lab report - what percentage of vessels blocked

Patient’s medications ?

Patient & Family Interview

Did they have chest pressure or pain or anginal equivalents ?

Did the patient smoke ?

Is this the first admission ?

Will the patient need to be vocationally retrained ?

Is the patient in denial as to what has happened to them ?

The Patient Evaluation

Surgical sites ?

Auscultate the lungs

Self Care Evaluation

comb hair, brush teeth, shave, perform a limited bed bath, wash the underarms and genital regions, wash the ankles and feet, etc.

Can the patient do all of these things while being monitored on the telemetry unit in the critical care unit for : BP, EKG changes, HR.

Next….Move Out Of Bed

Can the patient do a SPT into a bedside chair or commode ?

Next….Move Out Of The Room


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If the patient doesn’t get a LLGXT in the hospital before discharge, then usually they go to their physician’s office 1-2 weeks later for a modified Bruce protocol.

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