Chest Assessment


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Chest Assessment

Read through the chart for past medical history and reasons for the present admission.

Is the present admission for some other cause other than cardiopulmonary or is this a re-admission for a long standing chronic condition ?

Read the psychosocial history

Look at the x-ray results :

Left Pneumothorax

CWP - Black Lung

Flail Chest

Cancer - Tumor In Right Lung

Read the pulmonary function

Chronic Obstructive Disease

Restrictive Lung Disease

Occupational Lung Disease

Read the blood gas report

Normal Blood Gas Values

Read the bacteriology lab report for any infective organisms

Gram Positive Bacteria :

Gram Negative Bacteria

Briefly review the reports by the various services :

Patient Evaluation

Do they use portable oxygen ?

Physical Exam

Chest measurements - bilateral excursion - rib flare ? - ant/post movement of the chest ?

Double cough ?

Patient’s color ?

Chest deformations ?

Rate & depth of respiration

Can the patient perform self-care ?

Can they walk in the room or out into the hall ?

Does the patient have pitting edema in the lower extremities ?

Patient Case Study # 1

Social History

Family lives in Flagstaff, Az.

Medical History

Medical Findings

Physical Therapy Exam

Oximetry - SaO2 - 86% on 2 L/min as per nasal cannula

Breathing - diaphragmatic

Fever - 102° F

Auscultation Of Thorax

Recommendations ?

Patient Case Study # 2

multiple abrasions and lacerations

Physical Therapy Order :

Social History

Medical History :

Physical Therapy Findings

Bronchovesicular breath sounds in the bilateral posterior and lateral basilar bronchopulmonary segments of the bilateral lower lobes

BP at rest = 150/92

Functional Mobility

Recommendations ?

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