Drugs For Right & Left Sided Heart Failure


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Drugs For Right & Left Sided Heart Failure

Cardiac Glycosides

Cardiac Glycosides : Mechanism Of Action

High Intracellular Na+ Deranges The Na+-Ca2+ Pump Which Allows Intracellular Ca2+ Concentrations To Rise

Calcium Channels May Open Up And Allow Extracellular Calcium To Flow Into The Cell

Glycosides Enhance Vagal Tone Over The Heart

Glycosides Net Effect On The Heart

Adverse Side Effects Of The Cardiac Glycosides


EKG Changes Associated With The Cardiac Glycosides

Glycosides - Medical Uses

Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors

Moexipril (Univasc)

CHF - How Does It Occur ?

The Failing Heart Causes :

Increased Sodium And Water Retention

ACE Inhibitors Mechanism Of Action

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

Reduces Afterload On The Heart

ACE Inhibitors Adverse Side Effects

ACE Inhibitors - Medical Uses


High Ceiling Loop Diuretics

High Ceiling Loop Diuretics Mechanism Of Action

Loss Of These Ions In The Glomerular Filtrate Is Followed By Quantities Of Water

High Ceiling Loop Diuretics Adverse Side Effects

Urinary Loss Of Blood Ions

Potassium Rich Foods




High Ceiling Loop Diuretics Medical Uses


Methyclothiazide (Aquatensen)

Thiazides - Mechanism Of Action

Thiazides : Adverse Side Effects

Loss Of Blood Ions In The Urine

Thiazides : Adverse Side Effects

Thiazides - Medical Uses

Potassium Sparing Diuretics

Spironolactone - Mechanism Of Action

Spironolactone Mechanism Of Action

Spironolactone Adverse Side Effects


Spironolactone Adverse Side Effects


Spironolactone - Medical Uses

Spironolactone - Medical Uses

Severely Depleted Blood Potassium Levels

Spironolactone - Medical Uses

Spironolactone Adverse Side Effects

Triamterene And Amiloride Mechanism Of Action

Potassium Is Spared Because Sodium Is Wasted - A Reciprocal Relationship

Triamterene And Amiloride Adverse Side Effects


Triamterene And Amiloride Medical Uses

Osmotic Diuretics

Mannitol - A Perfect Diuretic

Pharmacologically Inert

Mannitol - Mechanism Of Action

Mannitol - Adverse Side Effects

Blurred Vision

Mannitol - Medical Uses

Clinical Considerations

Clinical Considerations

Clinical Considerations

Clinical Considerations

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