The following courses are offered by the HBCU/MI Environmental Technology Consortium at Clark Atlanta University and Northern Arizona University.  Course instruction utilizes a combination of video-taped lectures, web-based resources, and internet correspondence with the participating professors.  Brief course descriptions and the times during which the courses are offered can be found below.  Detailed information concerning course content is available by clicking on the course titles. 


ENV 302--Environmental Hydrogeology
Basic principles and concepts of hydrology, hydrologic cycles, Aquifer types and hydrologic properties, physical laws and mathematical equations of subsurface flow; recharge and discharge; analysis of groundwater flow systems. Development of groundwater flow and contaminant transport models (3 credit hours).


ENV 303--Environmental Groundwater Modeling
Modeling, pollutant transport by groundwater. Hands-on computer modeling of surface and groundwater flow and subsurface contaminant transport. Analysis, evaluation and case studies (3 credit hours).



ENV 312--Biological Assessment
This course is designed to instruct students on how to conduct field research. Planning, collection methods, and data management are discussed for terrestrial and aquatic sampling. Additionally, the course reviews general ecological principles.


ENV 320--Soil Science
Physical and mechanical properties of soil, structure, soil moisture (3 credit hours). 


ENV 410--Environmental Laws and Regulations
Environmental laws, enforcement, administrative procedures. Advanced discussion of environmental regulations of interest to DOE (3 credit hours).

ENV 440--Environmental Chemistry
Reactions and fates of chemical substances in the environment, water treatment, atmospheric chemistry (3 credit hours).

ENV 470--Fundamentals of Ecology
Introduction to ecological principals, including the distribution and abundance of organisms, population dynamics, community organization, energy flow, and nutrient cycling (3 credit hours). 

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