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Environmental Chemistry

Lecture Topics

  1. Introduction: What is Environmental Chemistry
  2. Origin of the Universe & Solar System, Synthesis of the Elements
  3. Nuclear Processes, Nuclear Fusion
  4. Nuclear Cleanup Issues, Nuclear Waste Storage
  5. Accretion of the Planets, Origin of the Atmosphere, Early Weathering Processes
  6. Introduction to Cycles, Biogeochemical Cycles
  7. Unique Properties of Water, Water Distribution, Water Use
  8. Fundamentals of Aquatic Chemistry, Review of Chemical Equilibrium
  9. Distribution of Species in a System at Equilibrium, Carbonate Equilibria
  10. Examples and Applications of Carbonate Equilibria in the Natural Environment
  11. More Carbonate Equilibria in the Natural Environment
  12. Review of Oxidation/Reduction, Oxidation/Reduction in the Natural Environment
  13. pE/pH Diagrams, The Iron pE/pH Diagram
  14. Use and Application of pE/pH Diagrams
  15. The Uranium, Plutonium and Americium pE/pH Diagrams
  16. Fernald Environmental Management Project
  17. Hour Exam One
  18. Phase Interactions, Solubility of Gases
  19. Nature of Colloids
  20. Nature and Types of Water Pollutants
  21. Review of Basic Organic Chemistry, Structures and Reactions of Organics
  22. Pesticides, Herbicides, PCBs, PAHs and By-Products of Manufacturing Processes
  23. Microorganisms in the Environment, Carbon Cycle of a Typical Freshwater Lake
  24. Microbial Transformations of Organic Substances
  25. Microbial Degradation of Pesticides
  26. Microbial Transformations of Nitrogen, Sulfur and Phosphorous
  27. Water Treatment and Water Use
  28. Removal of Heavy Metals, Fe, Mn, Ca and Mg, Salts, Disinfection.
  29. Drinking Water
  30. Hour Exam Two
  31. The Atmosphere: Composition and Stratification and Energy Transfers
  32. Chemical Reactions in the Atmosphere
  33. Particles in the Atmosphere
  34. Health Effects of Atmospheric Particles
  35. Visibility and Light Scattering
  36. Inorganic Air Pollutants
  37. Atmosphere Reactions of Sulfur and Nitrogen
  38. Organic Air Pollutants
  39. Stratopheric Ozone Depletion
  40. Photochemical Smog
  41. The Endangered Global Atmosphere
  42. Hour Exam Three
  43. The Geosphere: An Introduction to Geochemistry
  44. The Rock Cycle, Clays, Minerals and Weathering Processes
  45. Soil Chemistry


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