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Computer Lab Rules

  • Assignments must be printed prior to class at home or in the lab.
  • Students are allotted 100 printed pages per semester. Check with your instructor before you print anything. If your document does not print, do NOT press “print” again. Check with me.
  • When instructed or when class is over, remember to log out. You do not need to shut the computer down.
  • Please be tidy! No food or drink. Push in chairs when leaving.
  • While in the lab all English 105 students must be accompanied by their instructor. If no lab assistant is present, please wait in the hall until your instructor arrives.
  • Computers are to be used for ENG105 purposes only. Wait until you are instructed to log on to the computer. We might not be using the computer every day.



What do I need in the English 105 Lab?

Floppy Disk or Rewritable CD: You are required to bring a floppy disk(s) or rewritable CD ROM to class. You must save your work often on disk as well as the Z:/ drive.

Dana Account: You MUST have a dana account. You should already have an account, but if you are having problems with your account contact ITS.  : This is the main English website for 105 computer sections. Go here to find general information about the class, and computer modules.

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