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Microsoft Word Online Editing Exercise

  1. What you need for this exercise: You will need to have your paper on disk or emailed to yourself. You will need to have a partner assigned by the teacher.

  2. Open your e-mail and look for your partner’s message. They will have sent you an attachment. Open the attachment (click on the file with the left mouse button (or you can right click and select Open)

  3. Select Tools > Track Changes (the track changes tools should appear on the tool bar).

  4. To add a comment, move the cursor to the section of the document about which you want to comment and click the New Comment button (this button looks like a piece of paper with a glint off the upper left corner.)

  5. A Comment box will appear to the right or underneath the document. In the comment box click your mouse and type a note to the author about this portion of their document. Do this for the entire document.

  6. Make edits to the document. When you make edits a box should appear off to the side recording your changes for the author. If text is inserted the text will be red and underlined (no comment box will appear for this). Leave the comment boxes so that the author can see what was added or commented. If text was deleted a box will appear off to the right that says, “Text deleted:” A list of all text removed will appear in the box. If the font is changed, or you indent text, a box will appear that says, “Formatted:”. A description of the formatting will appear in the box.

  7. Once you are finished commenting on your partner’s paper save the document to your desktop or personal folder.

  8. Create a new e-mail and attach the edited document to a new email message. In the email message let your partner know that you have edited their paper and that you wrote comments for them to review.

  9. Your partner will do the same with your paper and email you your edited document with comments. Open your edited document and review your partner’s edits and comments.

  10. Click on each comment box (it will become highlighted when you do so). To accept or reject a comment you can use the reject comment button in the tool bar. Be sure that you read the other person’s comments. To accept or reject insertions, formatting changes, or deletions, right click on that portion of the document and select Reject or Accept.

Discussion Questions

  1. Did your partner spend more time commenting or making changes to your document? Why do you think this occurred?
  2. What effect did the online editing exercise have on your document? Was there some improvement, or did you find the exercise did not help at all? Why?
  3. Imagine taking a composition course that was entirely online. What sort of advantages/disadvantages would there be if your instructor could only provide feedback on your paper via online editing/e-mail?

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