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In this module you will do a rhetorical analysis of a website. Use the questions below to analyze a website of your choice. Hand in your analysis at the end of class.


 Write a one to two page rhetorical analysis of a website. Use the questions below as a guide. Think about the Rhetorical Triangle and components of rhetoric that you have learned in class.

  1. Spend the first five minutes finding a website to review (e.g. a company website, a product website, cultural website, academic website). If you have trouble picking a website to review ask your teacher for help.
  2. Use the questions below to help create a one to two page rhetorical analysis of the website of your choice. Make sure that you include the website address and a brief summary of the website.




Site Description

  1. What is the name of this website?
  2. What is the URL for the website?
  3. What kind of website is this? (entertainment, organizational, government, individual, commercial, educational, etc.)
  4. What does it look like? Describe how is it designed. Does it have any special features? Graphics? Sounds?
  5. Does the site have any additional links? To where?
  6. Who designed it? Who is this person? What do we know about him/her/them?
  7. What is the date? Is it current and timely?
  8. Is it possible to contact the author? How?
  9. Who is the publishing body?

Site Analysis

  1. Who’s the target audience? How do you know?
  2. What is the site’s purpose (informative, entertaining, convincing, special interest, change opinion)?
  3. What’s the bias? How do you know?
  4. Are they affiliated with an organization or institution? How does this affect the site’s/author’s credibility?
  5. What are some rhetorical strategies used on the site? Do authors address issues with an appropriate but not misleading appeal to emotions?
  6. Is information on the page verifiable? How?
  7. Does the page have overall integrity as a source? Why or why not?