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As part of the technological literacy component of ENG 105, you will create a website that reflects not only you, but all the work you've done throughout the semester. Your website will display portions of the essays you've written, as well as any text or images you wish to add to personalize your website.

Why am I doing this in an English class?

As you've learned throughout the semester, the concept of a "text" extends far beyond the readings in CILCTE. All types of media -including movies, photographs, and advertisements - are texts that can be analyzed and studied. Websites are no exception.

This assignment is designed to help you look critically at the websites you browse everyday by teaching you how to construct your own website. By going through this tutorial - and thinking critically about every aspect of your website's design - you should leave this class with the ability to critically read and analyze websites.

What is my goal?

Over the next half of the semester you will work on your website for English 105 and by the end of the semester you will have a website that represents you and your work in this class. The overall structure of your website is up to you, but it must include your writer's profile. You must also demonstrate your ability to think critically about web design by designing a webpage geared towards a specific audience (your peers).

The writer’s profile should include excerpts from each of your essays for English 105 as well as some of your writing responses to the readings. Ask your teacher for specifics about the expectations for your website. You may add pictures, information, and favorite links as you please. Please read the description of the writer’s profile for more information. Click here for the writer’s profile description.




For this assignment, you cannot simply throw together a website.that reflects your interests. You may do this, but you must also cater to the needs of your audience. Keep the principles of rhetoric in mind, and have rationale for every decision you make regarding your website's design. The questions below should guide you in your choices.


  • Does the homepage provide the reader with a "map" for the rest of your site?
  • Does it grab the reader's attention?
  • Is the purpose of the website clear?
  • Does the homepage develop a theme that is consistent throughout the site?

Audience Awareness

  • Does the website engage the audience throughout?
  • Does it hold audience interest?
  • Does the website avoid being too opinionated?


  • Does the author of the website establish his/her authority (ethos) clearly?
  • Does the author demonstrate that he/she is qualified to write on the topic?

Organization and Content

  • Does the website display a clear, singular purpose throughout?
  • Do the ideas in the website flow smoothly from one to the next?
  • Does the website utilize the five principles of web design to create a cohesive structure?
  • Does the website use hyperlinks to effectively guide the reader?

Visual Presentation

  • Do the visuals on the website support its purpose?
  • Do the hyperlinks reflect the purpose of the site?
  • Are the visuals on the website consistent with its purpose?