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What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is the licensed word processor for NAU students.  A word processor is a computer application/utility used to create and modify written documents.

In this lesson, you will learn to think critically about the use of Microsoft Word in the writing process.

Setting up

  1. Double-click on the Microsoft Word icon.
  2. Write your name in the upper-left hand corner.
  3. Go to File > Save As and select your Z: drive (also called "dana samba server").

Microsoft Word Exercise

  1. Write a paragraph of your instructor's choosing.
  2. After you've finished writing, give your composition a title.
  3. Set your title apart from the main text by underlining it and adding a space between it and the main body. Center the title as well.
  4. Remove the underline and bold the title. Then, remove the bold and italicize it. Choose the method you think best offsets the title from the body text and keep it.
  5. Now make the title the first sentence of your paragraph, but keep the offsetting method you chose earlier.
  6. Replace the title in its original position.
  7. Select all the text on the page (shortcut "Ctrl+A").
  8. Change the font of the text to Arial. Note any changes in the size and spacing of each line of text.
  9. Change the font of the text back to Times New Roman.
  10. Select all the text on the page again.
  11. Go to Format > Paragraph and change "Line Spacing" to double.

Discussion Questions

  1. Which method of offsetting the title did you use? Why did you feel this was more effective than other methods?
  2. Why do you think it is so common for the title of a document to be separated from the body text?
  3. What happened when you changed the font to Arial? Why do you think most instructors require the use of Times New Roman for essays and research papers?
  4. Did double-spacing your paragraph increase or decrease readability? Why?

2003  Northern Arizona University Writing Program