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Message from the Editor:

As part of an effort to streamline and speed up the publication process of the JSSEA, we have decided to publish to the web all of the articles for the following issues of the journal.  This is an experiment by the editor and we wish to see how this aids in the dissemination of the information in the articles.

Each article is given in a PDF file.  All photographs are also given in PDF file format (black and white photos only).  We have also included jpeg files for most of the photographs as well.  The pagination for the articles is the final pagination as it will appear in the hard copy version of the journal and may be cited in the literature as thus.

One known issue at this time is the quality of the photographs in the PDF files.  I will be experimenting with increasing the resolution and clarity as we go along.  Please have patience.  The jpeg files will appear more clearly on your screen.

The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities holds the copyright for the files and material posted on this website.

The files will normally appear here only until the hard copy version of the journal appears.

Please send any comments to:

Thank you.

Eugene Cruz-Uribe



Vol 30 (2003) (hard copy printed fall 2006)

Vol. 31 (2004)  (hard copy printed winter-spring 2006)

Vol. 32 (2005) Studies in Honor of Nicholas B. Millet (December 2006)

Vol. 33 (2006) Studies Millet II (December 2006)