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Education Links (General)

(Last Updated April 11, 2013)

Alfie Kohn's Publications on Standards, School Reform, Texting, Grading, Etc.
American Educator Journal of the American Federation of Teachers
American School Board Journal
A to Z Teacher Stuff index to online lesson plans & teacher resources
Best Evidence Encyclopedia John Hopkins University Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education
Center for Public Education
Current Issues in Education Arizona State University On-Line Journal
Democracy & Education on line open access journal
Dewey, John Democracy & Education Complete text of this classic work
Dropout Rates: American Schools in Crisis Now with Bill Moyers
EdChange "Professional Development, Scholarship & Activism for Diversity, Social Justice & Comm. Growth"
Education & Democracy Provides analysis & curriculum materials to help community-based movements implement democratic goals in public schools
Education [Best] Practices Series UNESCO/International Academy of Education
Education in the 20th Century: Selected Moments
Education Next: A Journal of Opinion and Research Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Educational Research An international, scholarly open access, peer-reviewed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in Education.
Education Policy Analysis Archives Arizona State University
Education Review Book reviews from the National Education Policy Center
Education, State of

Thriving on Failure vs Believing the Worst Stanford Magazine 2006
Is Public Education Working Robert Freeman January 2005
Education News Jimmy Kilpatrick Bills itself as "The World's Leading Source of Education News." Has daily updates
Education Week on the Web
Edutopia George Lucas Educational Foundation
E School News Online "Where K-12 education & technology meet"
EdWeb Explore the worlds of educational reform and information technology.
FairTest: The National Center for Fair & Open Testing
Franklin Institute's Hotlist of Science Education related Web Sites
Future of Education Charting the Course of Teaching and Learning in a Networked World
Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice
Harvard Education Newsletter Online
The Hetchinger Report "Informing the Public About Education"
History of American Education
History of American Education Bibliography Jurgen Herbst
Home Schooling in the United States U.S. Census Bureau
IDRA Newsletter Intercultural Development Research Association
InterActions UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies
Internet Public Library University of Michigan School of Information
KidsHealth Health Resources for Parents and Children
K-12 History on the Internet Site Map
Mathematically Correct Site discusses new trends in K-12 mathematics and has reviews of K-12 math textbooks
National Center on Teacher Quality
National Education Policy Center University of Colorado
The National Library of Education
National PTA (Parent Teachers Association)
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and Race to the Top
American Schools in Crisis? Debating No Child Left Behind Now with Bill Moyers
Historian Diane Ravitch Speaks out against NCLB & the Race to the Top at NEA
No Child Left Behind Learning First Alliance Site Site critical of No Child Left Behind Act
Overhauling NCLB Monty Neill Rethinking Schools, Fall 2006
Parents for Public Schools
PEN Weekly NewsBlast! Public Education Networks weekly educational newsletter
Preparing Scholarly Reviews Tutorials for Web Research
PBS Teachers Multimedia & professional resources for pre-K-12 educators
Reading/Literacy/Literature Links
Rethinking Schools An Urban Educational Journal
Rural School and Community Trust
Schools Matter Explores Issues in Public Education Policy
SCORE Schools of California Online Resources for Educators Project
Sites for Teachers
Stereotype Threat
Survival Guide for New Teachers Full text U.S. Dept. of Ed. Publication
Susan Ohanian's Web Site Information on NCLB etc.
Teacher Magazine and ed.week
Teachers College Record "The Voice of Scholarship in Education"
Teachers Network Lesson Plans, etc.
Teaching About Evolution & the Nature of Science National Academy of Science
Teacher Tube Short Videos Useful to Teachers
Teaching the Peoples History Zinn Education Project
teAchnology Many on-line lesson plans are linked to this site The brain games, puzzles and pastimes website
TryScience Science adventure, field trips and experiments
U.S. Department of Education; Free Resources from USDE
You and Your Science Fair Project InformEd - Information on planning a science fair project
American Indian Education Other Link Pages ESL and Language
American Indian Bilingual Education Language Policy
Literacy/Reading Multicultural Education Indigenous Language

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