ESE 380:
Introduction to Exceptional Children
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Introduction to Exceptional Children
(3 credits)

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To take this course successfully, you will need to read the items on this page and the next page - the class page, very carefully.

This is not a light weight course. You will be reading the entire text in the first few weeks. It is writing intensive, and it is a demanding course as far as time and thinking. It requires self discipline and a substantial amount of study time each week. Occasionally, students become upset about the work before really getting involved in the class. Please skip that waste of time, recognizing that this is a genuine opportunity to learn a lot, to enhance your writing and reflective reasoning skills.

You will have a great time, you will feel inspired, excited, and may get carried away doing the activities, once you get involved. Here's to you and the next 15 weeks (yes, in the Winter and Summer session, it could be just 4 weeks)!


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  4. Look at the overview of the course.
  5. Read the syllabus.

The majority of the course work can be found within "the class." You can also communicate with others in the course, view additional resources from Cline Library, or get technical help


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