Welcome to our ESE 380 Course, Introduction to the Exceptional Child

Here is your step by step list, along with links to get the information you want. You will become proficient in using web tools and the internet. It does take time. You will get good at understanding new words. It does take time.


While you are feeling frustrated, pause for a moment to think about how many of your students with special needs feel this way all through school.

1) Get used to the class by reading the syllabus

2) Surf around in the class and read the FAQ's

3) Do your self assessment, choose a persona and buy a book.

4) Set up a dana account and introduce yourself in the Virtual Conference Center.

5) Start reading the text for pleasure and because it is interesting.

6) Check out the summary chart so you know what to look for about each category of disability

7) Zip around in the first set of secret files so you know how to get answers about the ten categories http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~jde7/ese504/class/advanced/index.html

8) Check out the movies and books so you can decide which one to do for the five required for the semester.

Once you do this, you will be well on the way!