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Assess your experience

To complete this assignment successfully, you should:

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  2. Respond to each question in the space provided
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This is to provide your instructor with valuable
feedback, yours.

Please fill out the questions to the best of your

1. If you were redesigning this web course what
module(s) would you add or remove?

2. What does not work for you in a web course?

3. If you gave an award for this class what would it
be and why?

4. If you were to give this course a zodiac
(horoscope) sign, which sign would you choose and
what would your horoscope fortune say for the

5. Which person would you recommend to take this

A Your favorite teacher
B Worst Enemy
C Best Friend
D The Regents
E Any elected official

6. What did you most like and dislike about the

7. Please write a biographical essay about your
instructor (150 words or less).

8. If an aircraft were to crash along the United
States and Mexican border, where would you bury
the survivors?

A Mexico
B United States
C Canada
D No burying survivors!

9. Was this course a good use of your tuition
dollars? Why or why not?

10. How did you spend your time while working in this

A The Trouble with Tribbles, course details bogged me down
B The Wrath of Khan, Technology issues sent me into orbit
C Balance of Terror, everything was timed just right
D The Undiscovered Country, after I got going things went well
E Time and Time Again, Sailed right through

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