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ESE548 : The Class : IEP She Wrote : IEP She Wrote

Module 3: IEP She Wrote

Prologue: Read me first

Course Objectives for this Module

3. Analyze legal responsibilities of schools, parents and students

13. Knowledge of current issues and trends in Special Education


1) Zero Rejection

2) Evaluation - non discriminatory


4) LRE

5) Due Process

6) Parent participation

7) Student participant - suggested from the beginning mandatory by age 16

Cascade of Services

English Language Learner - ELL

14. Respect and Sensitivity

IEP Process - Collaboration for success

Study team and pre-referral issues
Role of Parents
Role of the student with disabilities
Role of the student peers
Role of sped and regular teacher
Roles of other specialists
Role of administration

Culture and first language honored and valued

15. Role of Technology and Assistive Devices

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Linear Lou


Perspective Pat


Caring Kit

Turnbull workbook

Busy BJ

3. Analyze responsibilities for IDEA 97 Chapter 1& 2 pp. 5-65 Chapter 2 pp. 38 - 75 Chapters 1 & 2 pp. 1 - 70 Chapter 1 pp. 13 - 33
13. Knowledge of current issues and trends in special education and consultation/ collaboration Chapter 2


pp. 44-46 Chapter 3 pp. 71 - 102  
14. Demonstrate respect and sensitivity toward all individuals Chapters 2 Chapter 3 pp. 76 - 120 Chapter sub-topics pp.187-90; 235-6; 409; 461-4; 506; 597; + see index for more Chapter 2 pp. 35 - 48
15. Awareness of the technology role, including assistive technology, in the special education process. See index Interspersed through each chapter Interspersed thru the book + see index for details  

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This module is divided into 4 personas. To complete this Module successfully, please complete the topics for your learning style.

  1. Linear Lou
  2. Pensive Pat
  3. Busy BJ
  4. Caring Kit

Wish to review some IEP forms?

Click here for IEP Sample
The IEP Sample file requires that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Please go to the 'Help" Page for instructions on how to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Check out these web sites!

Athens School

Department of Ed IDEA forms

Greece School District forms

Education Association forms

Provo schools forms

Indiana State forms

IEP process for students with Down syndrome

Massachusetts Department of Education forms

IBM version of IEP forms


Would you like to know more about English Language Learners? Here is a super site ELL

Are you interested in visiting a site about child care and learning about international interest in the welfare of children? Try Childminder

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