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ESE502 Class: Self Assessmemt: Assignment 1

Essay: What am I Giving Youth?

Teaching is a dedication, so our contribution to students is a reflection of what we believe about the nature of man and the importance of the content we are sharing. It also reflects who we are and what we think of children. In this essay, try to capture and share that essence.

Before you begin this assignment:

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  2. Surf the web and complete the web assignment,
  3. Review your scores on the Self Assessment of Education Philosophy

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Essay One - "What Am I Giving Youth?"

Now that you have looked at others' ideas and historic reasons for education, it is your turn to define your philosophy. In this essay of 500-1000 words, argue your ideas around why you teach, the role of students, a teacher's role, what you feel we owe society, how we show progress and the essence of fulfilling the teaching role.

Rubric: Click here for information about Rubrics

Excellent: 500 - 1000 words, well organized, at least five points provided, examples shared, cogent perspective advanced, summary statement pulls material together.

Good: 500 words, organized, several points offered, addressed the question, summary statement provided.

Marginal: Length is under 500 words, skirts the question rather than discussing it, few or no examples provided, may be missing summary, or final statement may not address the essay question. The student will receive assistance in sharpening the essay.

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