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Chat Discussion

To complete this assignment successfully, you should:

  1. Study the assignment carefully
  2. Complete the assignment as directed
  3. Remember that this is an optional assignment, and you may pass on it if you wish.


The Virtual Conference Center gives students the opportunity to talk with other students who are taking this course. Sometimes we enjoy working alone and at our own pace, but we also like to share ideas with others who are asking some of the same questions. The WebCT is a great place to get to know something about others' ideas, to challenge some of the thoughts the learning stimulates and to see other perspectives, broadening the base of the course.

You find that you also want to share your ideas with people who are not taking this class, but are a part of the teaching profession. To get involved in that kind of chatting, click on one of these other chat room locations on the web -- or start your own!


Links to other chat rooms
Harvard - ALPS (must log in)
Links to teacher chat rooms
Chat room for teachers that is described as fun
Teachweb chat room


Since chat rooms are a way to build community, there are a few guidelines you will want to review as you utilize this medium. Please click here to access chat room.

Open the link below to the Chat Room. Go into the Chat Room and introduce yourself. Use the ideas below to begin a dialogue with your classmates.

1) Talk about "What is the perfect school?"
2) What am I giving youth?
3) What is the nature of children. Does it change? Is nature or nurture more responsible for who we become? Are youth different today? Why or why not? Share short stories about your own experiences as a child or student.
4) Discuss assignments.
5) Share about your favorite teacher.
6) Why are you teaching?

Once you have found a chat room and had a dialogue, give yourself a check mark on the grading record, then

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