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ESE502 : Class : Self Assessment : Socratic Credo

This is a brief version of my philosophy of teaching. It is authored by J'Anne Ellsworth and Alicia Monahan as part of Developmental Discipline.


I believe

that each person whom I teach will be a
wiser person and a better human being
for having been my student.
I believe
in the moral, intellectual, emotional, social
and physical upward development of
every human being.
I believe
that my presence as a teacher can promote
and facilitate rather than retard this
complete development.
I promise
I shall never use my position of authority
to belittle another human, but rather I
shall always relate to the students under
my care with the respect and the dignity
they deserve, as the hightest form of
earthly life; capable of becoming more
noble, perhaps with my help.
I promise
to continue in my own upward development
as a whole person and to devote my
professional life to the practice of
this creed.

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