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ESE502 : Class : Self Assessment : Web Activity 1

Search the Web: Educational Philosophies

To complete this assignment successfully, you should:

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Open your browser (your browser is the program that gets you on the web, for instance, Netscape or Net Explorer) and choose the "search" key. In the search line, type the word "educational philosophy" or one of the specific philosophies we covered in this module. Read the descriptions of the first ten items that come up. Write a one paragraph overview of the kinds of sites you found. Now try the same search using a different search engine. Are the results different? Open a page that interests you and write a one paragraph statement about what is in the page and how it is organized. Were the sites you found related to teaching? If not, how would you refine your search to find sites that relate more specifically to teaching issues.

Here's a great site found by a student taking the course. You may want to try this one by clicking here. Thanks Margaret.

Need a second site? Click here -- Thanks Phyllis

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