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ESE502 : The Class : Balance : Balancing Discipline : Assignment3-5-2

Assignment 2: Critical Essay or Project

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Choose one of the following topics:

    Balance in the classroom
    The connection between teacher and student behavior
    Bridging content and evaluation
    A master plan for enhancing discipline through teacher change
    Student Perspectives on Behavior
Write a brief critical essay that synthesizes your perspectives about the chosen topic, and when practical, detail a plan of action for including those ideas in your current teaching situation.


Construct one of the following:
    A report card that mirrors a larger range of student behaviors
    A teacher observation sheet that is a true indicator of balance in the classroom
    An observation tool for enhancing understanding of misbehavior
Excellent: Project or essay is thorough, shows evidence of personal thought and richness of ideas, there is a clear link between the finished product and the issues it will address, and the innovation is interesting, perhaps exciting, and well constructed.
Acceptable: Project or essay is complete, and there is a clear link between the topics in the module and the essay or tools developed.

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