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ESE502 : The Class : Discipline Philosophies :

Philosophies of Education, Paradigms of Discipline

This is an overview of some of the better known models for disciplining students and managing classrooms. You will have the opportunity to identify your current preferences and then learn where that view fits with the possible paradigms for working with youth. Once you have a sense of the field, you will have an opportunity to apply their ideas to a youth in your own classroom and evaluate the student from each paradigm.

To complete this Module successfully, please complete the following activities in the order shown below:

ASSIGNMENT 1: Survey of Attitudes-Teacher Variance Form

TEXTBOOK READING: Selected Reading Click Here

ON-LINE LESSON: Philosophies or Paradigms of Discipline

ASSIGNMENT 2: Compare and Contrast Discipline Paradigms

ASSIGNMENT 3: Case Study Assignment #1

ASSIGNMENT 4: Case Study Assignment #2

GROUP ASSIGNMENT 1: Group Discussion on Discipline Philosophy

WEB ACTIVITY 1: Evaluate Your Classroom Management Style

Once you have completed all the activities in this topic, you should:

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