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ESE502 : Class : Paradigms: Attitude Survey

Survey of Attitudes and Teacher Variance Survey

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By understanding the structure or dimensions of our beliefs, we can be more clear about whether we agree with someone, if our discipline plan follows our own internal standards and if our actions are consistent. There are many ways to discipline youngsters, to maintain a classroom and to structure content. Many teachers model the things they saw or learned in classrooms, for examples and experiences are powerful shapers of our own behavior. However, human beings are creative, resilient.

As you more clearly define what you believe, you have greater choice and flexibility in choosing classroom demeanor and behavior. Looking at your principles and underlying norms is a good first step in creating more flexibility and choice in your discipline of youngsters and honing your classroom management style.

1. Take the Survey of Attitudes toward children and the Teacher Variance Survey, pp. 1-8 [Hyman, I. A. (1997). School discipline and school violence: The teacher variance approach. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon.]. Using the text, score the test. Write a summary paragraph and share it with the instructor using the form below. Feel free to share your results with your classmates in the Chat Room, and to discuss the validity of the survey as well as the personal scoring.

2. Review the material in Chapter 1, pp. 12-20. Use the form below to list the ten discipline issues that concern you.

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